ASA Conference on Statistical Practice 2018, Saturday 3 of 4, Deploying Quantitative Models as 'Visuals' in Popular Data Visualization Platforms

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Highlights from Conference on Statistical Practice.

Friday 2/16/2018

Saturday 2/17/2018

I use PowerBI at work, and think putting a model in PowerBI may make it less mysterious. I liked his comment of meeting users on their own territory, so to speak. Ideally PowerBI, Tableau, Qlikview, etc. enable “what if” on the spot and rerunning a model in front of stakeholders, leading to a stronger case to implement it.

PowerBI uses TypeScript, a higher level than JavaScript.

His advice about “big data” is it could be a bubble - that if you want to learn Spark or Python or R to use it right now, go for it, but that it seems in two years they may be replaced by something else (I’m thinking Julia and SQL wrappers are contenders). So what matters in his view is the fundamentals. I interpreted this as the fundamentals of problem solving with data.

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