ASA Conference on Statistical Practice 2018, Saturday 4 of 4, Additional Sessions I Wish I'd Attended

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Highlights from Conference on Statistical Practice.

Friday 2/16/2018

Saturday 2/17/2018

Saturday Sessions and Posters I wish I’d attended.

3 Sixteen Personalities at Work Katherine Eleanor Tranbarger Freier, Intel Corporation

5 Comparisons of Propensity Score Analysis for Analyzing Rare Binary Outcome Jihye Park, Stony Brook University

14 Animated Data Visualization with Plotly: Useful Tool for Health Care Quality Improvement Eric A. Tesdahl, SpecialtyCare, Inc.

15 Using Accessible Patient Data to Individualize Sample Timing for Pharmacokinetic Studies Matthew Stephen Shotwell, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Solution: From Source to Nuts Andrew Piskorowski, Survey Research Center, University of Michigan

How to Communicate Statistics, and How Statisticians Should Communicate Achim Guettner, Novartis Pharma

Firehose Data Science: Real-Time Analytics of Twitter Feeds David Corliss, Ford Motor Company

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